Mark Twain once quipped that Golf was “a good walk, spoiled”. For those who envision Golf as a sport enjoyed by middle class professionals and retired couples, Twain’s view will make plenty of sense. Indeed, for many, Golf, which has a vast history, is known only for its bizarre vocabulary and the even more bizarre outfits sported by many of its enthusiasts. In truth, Golf is a demanding sport which can be played by people of any background, at any age.

Taking up Golf has never been easier either. There are now more clubs than ever before and the cost of playing, while still substantial, is usually far more affordable than most people presume. Golf can also be a great form of exercise, assuming of course that you walk between holes and do not succumb to the temptation of riding in a buggy! Whether you are looking for a casual hobby to help you unwind at weekends or something to challenge you mentally and physically, Golf may be the ideal sport for you   - you never know, you might turn out to be the next Nick Faldo.

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